Today wasn’t very fun.

Today wasn’t a great day. Nothing negative actually happened, but the weather was very humid and rainy after hot spell. Physically I felt drained and uncomfortable. I also didn’t have anything to do and you know the saying an idle mind is the devil’s playground. I’m also feeling a little stressed because I’ll be starting back at university next week. I had a long holiday (around 16 weeks) and with it coming to an end I can feel the pre-uni nerves kicking in again. I guess I’m just over school. I feel like a need a nice long break (which I did have, but the 16 weeks went too fast to even understand the word holiday). I wish it was Christmas time again. I don’t celebrate Christmas (I’m not a Christian) but I like fact that you think of time off when you think of Christmas. Oh well, soon 2013 will be over and I’ll be back on holidays. 

Well, enough ranting from me. How have your holidays been? Did you have any?